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Welcome Writers!

Editing Esprit offers editing services as well as advice and techniques for sharpening your fiction and nonfiction writing.

See for yourself how revisions—such as reducing wordiness, strengthening word choice, re-arranging phrases, fixing typos, and more—can invigorate your work.

Editing Esprit offers editing for—

* First-time and experienced authors
* Fiction and non-fiction manuscripts of any length

Reasonable rates…Timely turn-around…Grammar de-mystified… Professional editing


Developmental editingI’ll read your manuscript several times and collaborate with you by email and by comments in your manuscript.  Editing can start with a basic chapter/scene outline or a completed manuscript.  It’s the most expensive option

Choose developmental editing for maximum guidance.

Line editingI’ll read your completed manuscript twice and focus on word choice (diction), phrase placement (syntax), and other sentence elements.  In addition, I’ll provide some suggestions for plot and scene improvement. Collaboration and cost are moderate.

Choose line editing if you’re comfortable with your plot and scenes but have questions about your grammar and word skills.

ProofreadingI’ll read your manuscript once to catch obvious typos, missing words, misspellings, and grammar lapses. I’ll also make a limited number of comments for fixing plot and scenes.  It’s the least expensive option.

Choose proofreading if you’re happy with your story-telling skills and want someone to read for the oops-factor.

Grammar queries—I’d be glad to answer specific grammar questions. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible, but a reply could take up to three days. An example of one specific question: “In dialogue, does a period go before or after a quotation mark?” Cost is by the question.

Choose grammar queries anytime you have a specific question.

Document format

Doc. and docx. (MS Word) files are best. In Word, I can turn on track changes and you can view, accept and/or reject my changes and delete my comments.

Txt., rtf., and pdf. files are acceptable.  However, for me, color-coding changes and comments is slow.  And for you, removing the highlighting and comments is slow. Therefore, such file formats are somewhat more expensive to edit than Word files

Grammar queries can be sent in an email


Editing Esprit rates are based on a manuscript’s condition and the option selected. For an estimate, please send me 4 manuscript pages and note the desired option (1) developmental editing, (2) line editing, or (3) proofreading.

Send the pages as an attachment to

Grammar queries are $.99 per question and should be sent to

Payment terms and method

Terms—After reading your manuscript, I’ll send you a contract. I usually ask for a partial payment on signing, another payment when I’ve completed half the editing, and the last payment when editing is complete.

For grammar queries, payment is expected at the time of inquiry. (No contract.)

Method—Use Amazon Webpay at  Payment should be to Carol H. Munson.

I look forward to seeing your samples and queries.

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